Amazon 122 S, B230FT ’69

Engine is B230 FT, 269 bHp. Programmable fuel injection. Exhaust is Cowly free flow system. Small silencer in middle, ends in 2 silencers.
Gearbox is 5-speed Supra and 1:4,56 LSD-differential
Front lowered 40mm, Rear lowered 60mm – Bilstein shock absorbers
Double circuit – front disc’s drill ventilated – rear disc conversion (Honda R brake system)

Goal is a classic car with all posible modern upgrades.

Wreck bought 3 year ago. Totally build up over a period of 3 years. Totally sand blasted anti rust sprayed with Zinga Zolve, high quality paint coated – Each and every nut & bolt chromed. 5 Spoke two piece Volvo Tiger mag’s chromed. Tyres 15 x205x60 – Front seats: Volvo s40 seats installed and interior totally redone – Roll Cage: Six point cage designed, built and fitted. Electrical system is fully rewired and customised. Wilson 105 amp alternator. igital meter measuring air filter intake temperature and display car voltage and. charging. Can switch off charging to get more power – Outo gage high intensity discharged Xenox headlights with 2 x balestors 23 KV. Rear mirror video cam displays on DVD Player.

The engine is fitted strait up to allow space for the turbo I want to use. The custom build turbo will be fitted with a Scania truck exhaust turbine and a Volvo truck’s compression turbine. Many parts ordered from Tinustuning, and I always receive excellent service from Ben till this day. Thanks Ben!! Next thing to be done is to upgrade the clutch to handle the power and to upgrade the suspension. This is a great engine to race with. It delivers 269 Bhp at .5 bar boast. I will be able to push it up to 1.3 bar with a stronger clutch.

Braam du Plessis, South Africa.

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