Amazon combi 220, ’67

B18 with 2x SU HS6 and Volvo D-cam. Exhaust is stock Volvo with double endpipes.

Goal is a daily driver, usable classic.

Chassis is totally sand blasted anti rust sprayed with Zinga Zolve, high quality paint coated. Body was once sprayed by previous owner – 5 Spoke two piece Volvo Tiger mag’s chromed with matt silver spokes. Tyres 15 x195 – Interior partly redone. All wheel bearings, bushes engine mountings etc. replaced with new ones – New shock absorbers. Coil springs stretched and rear springs lifted 5 cm.
Persoonlijke noot eigenaar / Personal note owner
Bought 2 year ago for R9000 (ZAR). Spent about R15000 till today. Traveled past two years about 20,000km (12427 miles) with no problems. These Volvo’s are definitely the ultimate usable classics of all classics.

Braam du Plessis, South Africa

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